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tv   Fox Morning News  WTTG  November 14, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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whistle blower who shared e-mails. an in depth look at the tampa social light coming up later this hour. >> then we're all different but that's not grounds for bullying of course. how a local author is using cats to raise awareness about intimidating others. learn about this new children's book series. >> then a family thanksgiving. moms listen up. dads too. get out of the kitchen and bring in the kids. a chef is here to tell us how to shave time off cooking preps and spend time with the family. >> i need to open up a little bit. >> you do. >> good morning. i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm allison seymour. it's a wednesday morning . happy you are on board with us today. >> tucker barnes is in the weather center to tell us what's happening outside. >> cold conditions overnight. much of the area falling back in 30s. going to be a cool afternoon.
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definitely bring a jacket or even a coat this morning as you head out the door. sunshine only in 40s to 50 later. show you the forecast. start with a map here. overnight our cold front has gotten far enough east we got clear skies during the overnight hours. you can see there high pressure is building in and that means we should be in for a dry couple days. generally, a fair weather pattern for the middle and end of the week. 42 degrees at reagan national. 38 at dulles. bwi marshal is 40 . and forecast for today, plenty of sunshine. temperatures aren't going to warmup a whole lot. you can see north and west low to mid 40s in the mountains. winchester 41. so cool conditions and those will stick around here for the end of the week. a look at the weekend coming up ahead. tony, back to you.
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>> all right. thank you very much. new this morning, police are investigating a shooting that happened at a wal-mart. >> police say one man was shot and taken to the hospital. melanie is there now. we will go to melanie right now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're having a couple audio issues right here. this is the kind of people people who work overnight absoluty fear the most. the terrifying situation playing out at 4:17 this morning. that's when police got the call about a man shot in the 24 hour wal-mart parking lot near the home and living section. police say the suspect wore a mask and sounds like he knew what he was doing. >> treating this with a commercial armed robbery. entered the business. demanded money. ultimately retrieved an undisclosed amount of money.
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unclear why. but appears there was an incident with this individual being the store employee where the suspect shot the store employee in the upper body. >> that wal-mart employee is not clear. we had heard some reports that employee could have been the store manager but police have not been able to confirm tt nor any representatives from wal-mart. that person is expected to survive those injuries even though it sounds serious. they say the injuries are serious but nonlife threatening. there is apparently a second scene. there was a car that police say was found not far from here that was fully engulfed in flames. at this point they are treating that as possibly the vehicle that the suspect fled in. but we don't have confirmation at this point. but feel good they are going to be able to connect these two. suspect at large wearing a mask. the best we can say is that suspect is a white
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male. the store is opened for business. i would just say anyone who is coming to this store. please be nice to these employees. they have had a rough day and continue to have one ahead. >> surprised they are staying open. all right. thank you very much. >> meanwhile, investigators have also be busy this morning. a man was found shot to death on 37th street near rhode island avenue around 5:00 this morning. there's no word yet on any suspects. >> in dc this morning, police continue to search for the man who opened fire at a convenience store. three people were shot including a store worker. all are expected to survive. this happened on benning road and 44th street. the gunman shot at the store from inside his car. two victims were hit in the leg. the other in the hand. the suspect took off, crashed into three parked cars and took off on foot.
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>> the cia sex scandal again, our top story this morning. there is a closed door hearing by the senate intelligence committee up on capitol hill today. >> the head of the committee says cia director david patraeus will not testify but could be called for future hearings. spotted the woman at the center of the scandal in dc yesterday. paula broadwell is staying at her brother's home. the other woman is claiming she has diplomatic immunity. called police to report a man on her property and saying she is an honorary council general. it's given for her role as an unpaid social planner. we will learn more about jill kelley coming up at 9:30 this morning. >> president obama is giving first full press conference in
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more than 8 months later this afternoon. and the patraeus resignation is expected to dominate the questions from reporters. other issues include the attack on the embassy in benghazi that led to the assassination. and the fiscal cliff if the white house and congress cannot agree. the economy will surely go back into recession. >> we'll also find out if nancy pelosi is going to stay on as minority leader. came leader ten years ago today. last week democrats failed to win enough seats to take back the house. she says she'll make the announcement about hers morning. >> and happening now on capitol hill, massachusetts congressman is holding a news conference on the meningitis out break. calling for tougher regulations
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for compounding pharmacies. a house subcommittee will hold a hearing on whether the out break could be prevented. 32 have died after receiving tainted steroid shots. >> also happening now, the call for another tobacco tax increase. holding a news conference. wants a $1 increase on the tax. law maker as prove doubling the tax to $2 in a 2007 special session. law makers also approve tax increases on tobacco products earlier this year. also changes coming to maryland live casino. casino officials will today outline plans on how the layout will be changed to make rooms for open table games. more than 125 tables could be added. >> former dc council man kwame
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brown is waking up in his home this morning after spending one day in federal custody. sentenced them to 6 months home detention, 2 years probation and 480 hours of community service. brown pleaded guilty in june to campaign finance violations and falsifying loan documents for his home and a boat. >> now to a story we continue to follow. nearly two dozen public schools targeted for shut down. the announcement came late yesterday afternoon. the move comes as fewer students are enrolled in public schools in the district and instead are attending the city's charter schools. for a full list of the 20 schools affected, you can log on to from driving on sidewalks to fighting on bus between a bus driver and a student.
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>> wisdom martin is back with a look at stories that people are talking about. >> good morning. we begin our people behaving badly segment with blows on a baltimore bus. a baltimore bus driver is suspended after getting into a physical fight with a female passenger. this video shows the women hitting and punching one another. mta officials say they are talking to the driver and the girl's mother. the fight started when she told the passenger to turn down the music and the passenger got upset. also caught on camera. an ohio woman was caught driving on a sidewalk to avoid stopping behind a school bus. and the judge ordered her to stand outside for an hour holding a sign that says only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to drive around a school bus.
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also had her license suspended for 30 days. two brothers andy and nael are accused of scamming a lottery ticket from a customer. here's what happened. the real owner of the ticket was confused about whether he won 5,000 or $5 million. it was actually $5 million. but prosecutors say the two brothers offered him $4,000 so he could avoid paying taxes. the two brothers are charged with second degree attempted grand larceny. >> and just being mean. >> we all need a hug. people behaving badly. we all need hugs now. >> i enjoyed your delivery. >> tried to do it without any physical harm. >> all right. power problems, they are lingering in new york. where one company coo is
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stepping down. some historic landmarks will be closed up there. >> a local author hopes to scratch bullying out. how he is using cats to teach that lesson. learn about we're all different but we're all kitty cats. it's 9:10. we'll be right back. how far will people go to relieve their sore throat?
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welcome back. a group of senators from states hit hard by super storm sandy are asking president obama for a boost in disaster aid. asking president obama to add more funding to 2013 budget request. the request for more aid comes as the president and congress are debating how to avoid massive tax heights and spending cuts. and after two weeks of no electricity some are suing the ppany on long island. the chief operating officer is also resigning after hundreds protested at the company's
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headquarters. meanwhile, some homeowners are getting confusing letters about their homes. the city is imposing fines apparently for not fixing building violations that were actually caused by the storm. the statue of liberty and liberty island will remain closed until further notice. the park service is continuing to examine and repair infrastructure. the statue of liberty just reopened in october. the damage includes missing railings, damaged walkways and shut down of all mechanical systems. a little closer to home. good news for ocean city. the city's famous fishing pier will be rebuilt soon. the pilings that were left standing have now been removed. the pier should be ready for business by next summer. >> thank you. when it comes to the difficult topic of bullying,
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at what age should you begin talking to your kids? one local writer says bullying prevention needs to start before kindergarten. peter came up with a way to help parents approach that conversation. he is the author of we are all different but we are all kitty cats. first of a series of books that have these really adorable cats as the ones teaching the lesson. good morning. >> good morning. how are you? >> it's such a nice book. feels like a book you might read to your kids at night or pick up in libraries. and also the pictures bounce off of the screen. i love the way the book looks. you brought larger than life size cut outs to bring the message home. this is flow. >> that's flow. >> and behind you is carlos. >> carlos is the main
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character. and he's bullied he's he doesn't have any fur. and the story is his friends rally around him to help him see himself through their eyes instead of the bullies. >> what i love about the book. there are several things but i love what gets him out is he's a smart kitty. so when he's in class talking about i know my abc's, all the other kids start to look at him for what he really is which is a smart kitty and not just his appearance. >> right. that's one of the key points. carlos is bullied. he feels insecure. he goes he goes to a care giver or his mother. >> he talks to his mom. >> that's one of the key things. if a child feels like he or she is being bullied is to be able to go to an adult to help them feel better. help them build self esteem. that's one of the aspects of the book in carlos's case.
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>> i want to talk more about what you are hoping to do with the series. you sent it over and kind enough to do that. and the first overall impression by the grown ups in the room is eww, esougly because those cats aren't what we are used to seeing. they are a real breed and don't have any fur. but that speaks to the larger issue. it was okay to call this cat ugly. >> and i think he's really adorable. but it goes back to don't judge a book by its cover. just because someone looks different that the common theme in the book is that we're all different but this actually means we have something in common. that's really important lesson to teach kids. >> and it's easier to do it when you are talking about something as loveable as cats or dogs when something not like a real person.
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i love that about the book. let me ask you about the hope for the series. i read that basically they have relating to social and emotional skills. this is what you are hoping to build with kids. what is the hope for the book and where it will be and your work at children's hospitals. >> we're going to be dealing with subsequent books. making friends. self confidence. childhood fears. a lot of the topics or challenges kids face or i face as a youngster. what was your next question? >> what are you hoping to do? these to be in sools? how do we get this message in your mind to the kids that really need it and the parents? >> what's exciting is that working with karen who is a clinical social worker and child development expert is part of the team and developing curriculum which is launched in january. five lesson plans and
9:20 am
a teacher's guide. it's taking lessons from the book into the classroom. it really helps kids discuss these important topics. learn and cement bullying type issues. hope that it doesn't happen. also say there is a component in our children's hospitals talking with the kids there. this is peter goodman. happens to be local but your message is national. and we appreciate you spending time with us today. we're all different but all kitty cats. tony, over to you. >> thank you very much. why toyota is recalling millions of vehicles. plus, retired astronaut mark kelly visits the smithsonian today. the reason ahead. let's check in with holly. >> reporter: i love hanging out with creative people which is what i'm doing this morning. as we are live at art's center. they are getting ready for book
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arts fair. coming up, we're going to show you why you too will want to be bound by the bouty. stay with us. i got it when my internet here was faster than at my office.
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toyota adds more than 2.5 million vehicles to recall list. this affects prius models from 2004 to 2009. adds up to about 670,000 vehicles here in the states. parts of the steering shaft could deform when sharp turns are made at low speeds. dealers will begin notifying owners next month. one month after the company recalled more than 7 million vehicles for faulty power window switches. a retired nasa astronaut and the husband of arizona former arizona congress woman gabby giffords is stopping by
9:25 am
today. >> children's book called moustronaut and he will be available to sign copies afterwards. based on when he traveled into space. it was a rare site in northern australia. total solar eclipse turned day into night for about two minutes. last one until march of 2015. fitness fanatics had fun with it. took part in the solar eclipse mayor than. first raise of the sun reemerged from behind the moon. always great to see. >> as baby boomers head towards retirement. the result of a new study straight ahead. >> florida social light at the center of the patraeus scandal. who is this woman, jill kelley?
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we're learning more. we'll be right back. alright let's break it down.
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you know the saying be kind to your kids. they pick up your nursing home when you are older. >> never heard it. >> certainly not news children grow up and take care of their parents. they are at odds on financials when it comes to it. found 24% of adult children expect to help their parents at some point. but 97% of parents don't think they'll need help. these results indicate families should talk about it. discuss options as more baby boomers reach retirement age. >> okay. just sounds like a big surprise when the time comes. >> nobody really imagines
9:30 am
getting older like that. needing the help. >> and the point of that story is true. none of us like to talk about it. >> okay. >> maybe not the kind of story we're used to going into this. >> little heavy. that's okay. >> okay. the other important message bring a jacket when you head outside. it got cold. >> should take a coat now. >> i'm wearing a coat. >> is it a puffy coat? >> i've got a puffy coat on. >> i can see tony in a puffy coat. >> i can too. >> we're going to take a look later. >> weather pattern for the next couple days. cool weather is here to stay. >> i think everyone knows wx is the international weather. that's tv walk. >> even the weather people know that.
9:31 am
>> weather has many more letters. >> they'll write wx. >> did you check the wx today? >> next time i'll get it right. 37 in manasses. upper 20s and low 30s. good hard freeze. frederick, 37. you were 27 early this morning. 34 in winchester. and 44 in annapolis. cool afternoon even with a lot of sunshine and less wind than yesterday. upper 40s to about 50 in town. north and west of the city, low to mid 40s. so that's more typical of what we might expect temperature wise for late december, early january. otherwise, good looking forecast. lots of sunshine. few clouds out there north and west this morning. plenty of sunshine. high pressure out to the west. continue to roll over here. give us a couple days for a very
9:32 am
nice weather pattern. sunshine in the next couple days and cold nights. back into the 30s and upper 20s as this area of high pressure moves overhead. there's a map. as we get into the weekend, we're going to watch a coastal storm. got to see how closely that tracks to the region later in the weekend and early next week. sunday/monday would be the next time frame. it would be rain here as temperatures too warm to support anything else. 50 today. sunshine. cool for this time of year. winds 5 to 10. and there's your ac cu weather 7 day forecast. mid 30s. lots of upper 20 s and low 30s tomorrow morning. cool weather pattern around here. little better friday and saturday. next chance of rain late sunday and monday. hopefully into monday. i know we have redskins sunday
9:33 am
afternoon. dc united as well. back to you at the desk. >> jill kelley has found herself in the middle of the david patraeus scandal. showed the fbi e-mails she received from patraeus mistress paula broadwell. joining us live this morning is jose who writes for gossip extra. good morning. am i pronouncing it correctly? >> yes, it is. how are you, tony? >> good to see you. thanks for joining us by skype. jill kelley is a social light. she throws parties but knows all the top brass. who is this woman and why is she so involved with these military people? >> well, she at 37 she probably had not much to do.
9:34 am
she's a home maker. according to her facebook she was going through medical studies and had a baby. what happens in florida if you are wealthy or appear to be wealthy, you throw parties and in the case of tampa, really not that many celebrities or high society people. this is a high class sort of like the four seasons of military camp. high ranking generals come through, stay for a couple years and become part of society in tampa. they are part of the fabric over there. and when you have somebody like jill who throws a party every few months and fundraisers and champaign get togethers, these generals usually show up. >> we saw a quick picture of her from some publication with her husband. her husband is a
9:35 am
doctor. and now we understand i guess this is from some of your reporting that she and her husband are having financial issues down there that might possibly have something to do with all of this. >> they have a lot of legal issues actually if you look at the number of lawsuits. this is where people are telling me she probably is not the high class social light. more like a social climber which is a sport in florida. if you come into a new city, you want to be admitted into the network of society. you're often considered like a social clammer if you don't have the backing, the financial backing. and doesn't seem like she does. her husband is an oncologist. they have a couple daughters. but also being sued by two credit card companies as we speak. they have two foreclosures going on. one on this beautiful house that everybody looks at for the
9:36 am
last couple days. this mansion on the water front. this is where actually she has these parties. they usually put a big tent on the front lawn. it's not a tent like a camping tent. it's an air conditioned tent and has these parties in there. but yes, they owe too much money on the house everybody sees. they are in foreclosure with that. and $2.1 million for another bank for an office building they bought. they tried like a lot of people to make a score in the real estate bubble and of course the bubble burst and now they owe. they owe almost $3 million all together. >> can you tell me about this. in a 911 call , she was reporting reporters on her property, she asked police to get them off her property. she said something about having diplomatic immunity. what is that about? >> she doesn't. there is a lot
9:37 am
of these guys. we're so far from dc, a lot of countries, smaller countries may have a consulate here which is half an embassy, if that. most of the time they are volunteers. don't get paid by the country they represent. most of the time, they have native ties to that country. they get all play for the cards that says council of whatever country. she doesn't have diplomatic immunity. that's what she tells the cops when she called 911. this is one of my favorite vignette about her. a couple years back, she had to do a food network pick up on some kind of a food side between her and her twin sister and two of her twins and had to cook gaiter meet. and they were supposed to cook. they were wearing gucci from head to toe.
9:38 am
and the producers said are you guys going to cook like this? and one of the twins answered well the food tastes a lot better if you are wearing gucci while you are cooking it. >> okay. pretty general partner sense of what's going on down there. all right. thank you very much for joining us. good to talk to you and get insight. >> pleasure. thank you. >> 9:38 now. find out which stars plan to light up the night at this year's tree lighting ceremony. >> newly single celebrity tweets a photo with his run in with the law. 9:38. be right back. i got it when my internet here was faster than at my office.
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pop open the buzz bin, shall we? >> all right. >> thanksgiving is a week away. but the park service is already focused on christmas. some of the performers at this year's
9:42 am
tree lighting ceremony. and they are. can i get a drum roll? >> james tailor, baby face, colbie and phil phillips. >> takes place, december 6th. it will be here just like that. >> expected to arrive in the city today. this 80 foot tall norway spru was cut down. carefully cut it down and use a crane to place it on massive trailer. wonder how much money. does that family get paid ? >> hope so. >> if this week wasn't bad enough for justin bieber following breakup with selena. >> he was pull over in los angeles last night. stopped by police. but unclear if he was given a ticket or what the ticket is for.
9:43 am
but the singer seemed to be in good spirits about the whole ordeal tweeting this photo of the cop lights seen from his rear view mirror. >> okay. i have breaking news. sexiest man alive according to people magazine is channing tatum. >> oh, from magic mike. okay. i get that . >> not sexiest actor alive. sexiest man. >> all right. your chance to meet artists and see rare books. historical documents and fine print. >> we are talking about the book arts fair taking place. holly is giving us a preview after the break. 9:43 now. >> today's fox 5 buzz bin brought to you by where others fail, droid powers through.
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find a clinic near you at all right. we have an update now on the future plans
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of nancy pelosi. she is staying on as the minority leader. the 72-year-old california democrat made the decision to stay even though democrats did not get enough seats to become the majority again. she will publically announce her decision later this morning. book lovers and artists from around the region are gathering for the 12th biennial book arts fair. >> all takes place this weekend at the pyramid atlantic art's center. holly morris is in silver spring with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. takes place here at the art's center but the big portion of the arts fair takes place downtown. only happens every two years. always something special going on there be it a demonstration, speaker. jose is the director and joins me once again. want to talk about this bound by the beauty.
9:48 am
kind of explain that corn september. >> sure. bound by the bouty is the workbook binders do. put books together in a number of ways whether they are stitching them or gluing them. and can be works on paper. sometimes it's on types of structural work and also binding the thoughts and the ideas that the artists put together. we think that's beautiful. the work that artists do is beautiful and the book arts fair binding it all together. >> and it really is an experience. if you go there you can see and meet artists. you have special things. you advise people to register in advance and there's a raffle. >> that's right. all of the artists who are participating have contributed one piece of artwork. so you can go and you can win someone's art from new
9:49 am
york who is submitting their book or print. we have artists from all over the country. it's a great tount come across one of a kind art. >> i'm glad you brought up new york. because of hurricane sandy, they were not able to have fair. >> we found places because we're a community of artists and when we can help each other, that's what we wanted do. >> thank you so much. you are watching the work. she's doing screen print and gog going to teach us more. >> good morning. >> you are one of the artists and residents here. >> i am. just done two month residency and ending tonight with my final talk. >> very good. what a big day. talked to. okay. so what are we doing? >> we're printing the last layer of a three color screen print.
9:50 am
we have a sky in place here. and we have the line work. this is a trailer that's being taken over by a wave based on some of the images from hurricane sandy that hit the southern coast of rhode island. >> so personal to you. >> yeah. there's always a personal level there. and we're going to add the waves. so what i'm going to ask you to do is just drip some of this white into the area here. >> this is a fine screen. >> it is. it's a polly esther screen. you can put more and just drip it. >> is that enough? >> that's great. i'm going to
9:51 am
push it so i can make a certain movement. and i'm going to pull. with quite a bit of pressure. and now that paper is going to be stuck just because there is a wide spot of color there. and when we pull it out. >> wow. how cool is that. what do you get out of the whole process? well, the process of screen printing that i fell in love with was the idea that it's a multiple and so you can get these different things that happen and one of them might speak to you more than another and the process itself that helps blend an extra element. >> thank you so much for sharing your talent. you will fall in love with many things
9:52 am
this weekend. it's this friday, saturday and sunday. we've got all the information on for you to sign up and enjoy. back to you in the studio. >> thanks. >> consumer alert for all parents. could the smell of your baby's lotion be doing more harm than good? >> some studies believe so and raising concerns about unsafe ingredients used to scent those. laura evans explains. >> reporter: the fresh clean smell of a baby. what's fresh and clean to you? is it calming lavender? vanilla oatmeal? walk down the baby care isle and you'll find dozens to make your baby smell sweet. international fragrance association of north america.
9:53 am
certain smells give us pleasure. $30 billion a year industry, consumer love perfume. >> we have an adage, price is what drives consumer habits and buy in large, it's the perfume that keeps a customer coming back. >> you are really in the dark here. >> david andrews, consumer scientist, the environmental working group says the problem is when it comes to those scents, you have no idea what you are putting on your baby. read the label and the only term you'll find is fragrance. >> fragrance is a catchall term. it's a secret mixture and this information is being withheld from consumers. >> made from a pallet of 3200 materials or chemicals. some organic, some synthetic. >> there's limited information. no required safety testing . >> and a number of the
9:54 am
ingredients have raised concern in animal studies. so much so consumers should avoid those chemicals. >> from interacting with hormone system to allergic reaction. skin sensitization. >> it's that uncertainty that keeps jennifer from buying products containing fragrance. >> because we don't know what it could do now or in the future. i'd rather be safe and pick something i knew had less chemicals in it. >> gives her one year old son evan a bath everyday. >> can you sit down please? >> she's particular about the lotions and soaps she uses mostly because she's following her doctor's advice. >> and the doctor says to use not anything scented. >> we assume we don't normally know what's in everything.
9:55 am
>> companies don't have to notify what chemicals they are using. so fda doesn't have more information than consumers do in this case. >> jennifer says the reason the ingredients that make up the fragrants aren't spelled out is because publicizing would reveal the recipe. >> when you potentially reveal this recipe for anyone to copy, you could start introducing health concerns for companies that may not be committed to the same safety standards. >> an independent research institute evaluates each ingredient. >> i'm a mom too and i have interest in knowing what's in my ingredients. and that's why we went forward as an industry sharing everything that we've used. >> the list is published on the web site. but the environmental working group says that's not much help to the consumer who still doesn't know exactly what they are buying and putting on
9:56 am
their baby's skin. fox 5 news. >> interesting. okay. dangerous ingredients include the parabenz and. >> as for adults wearing scented products. a child's skin is thinner than adult skin and more sensitive to the products so therefore adults don't have to worry as much. we're going to be back with a check of today's weather and update on a top story. stay with us. >> fox 5 news brought to you by 
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welcome back. we are getting word that former cia chief david patraeus will testify tomorrow after all. he was originally supposed to speak at a classified hearing on


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